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Shimeji for Android by Kayote Shimeji for Android :iconkayote:Kayote 41 16 Pixel Art- Lusamine by Kayote Pixel Art- Lusamine :iconkayote:Kayote 0 0 Vie by Kayote Vie :iconkayote:Kayote 2 0 Toon Zelda Amiibo by Kayote Toon Zelda Amiibo :iconkayote:Kayote 10 0 Custom Mega Lucario Amiibo by Kayote Custom Mega Lucario Amiibo :iconkayote:Kayote 7 0
He isn’t sure where he is. How he got here. Or why he’s here- except maybe the echo of one word rattling around somewhere in his skull. Purify.
The world is a strange, unfriendly white, paved with yellow. He’s confused, disoriented, but in a sense, relieved. This is much better than his room still- probably now painted red. Such a messy weapon, he thinks, as he turns the bat over and over in his hands, rolling it from right to left.
Drip… drip…
This world, save for the lapping of the water against the walkway, is completely silent. Not even the slightest whisper of the wind. He couldn’t help but feel a strange bubble of resentment well up in him.
Is he dead? He should be. He sees no reason why he would have been spared. But instead he is here, standing alone on a yellow path, surrounded by a milky white sea, in a body that doesn’t seem to be his own. It’s taller. The hands are bigger. He doesn
:iconkayote:Kayote 4 1
Kingdom Hearts Custom Figure Aqua by Kayote Kingdom Hearts Custom Figure Aqua :iconkayote:Kayote 11 1 Thank You For Riding the Battle Subway by Kayote Thank You For Riding the Battle Subway :iconkayote:Kayote 37 4
The Other Side
The Other Side
Sequel to The Other
He is the lonely boy that sleeps quietly beneath the slab of marble, without a name. He can't remember anything, except the sound of beeping, the sting of a needle in his arm tying him to life-nourishing fluids, the rustle of doctors and Pokemon around the bed, and the warmth clutched in his hand.
All he knows is himself, that he is currently 10 years old, has gray-eyes and messy gray hair and strange little arrow-like sideburns that creep up the side of his face.
And- he's cold. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that he was completely naked. He wasn't sure where he was, except it was dark and quiet and there was nothing but the faint outline of a velvet ceiling just inches away from his nose. The strange sensations he felt eight years ago seem so far away, and by now, he has forgotten the voices of the doctors and the concerned chirping and humming of the large pink and cream colored Pokemon lumbering around his bedside
:iconkayote:Kayote 6 5
The Underground Boss by Kayote The Underground Boss :iconkayote:Kayote 151 13
The Other
The Other
Two is the minimum necessary to create a world. Maybe, if he pretended enough, everything would be all right.
If he thinks back to his earliest memory, he can feel the very real warmth that wraps around his hand, squeezing it tightly, promising to never let go. If he opens his eyes, he can see his reflection smiling at him.
Smiling- no, that wasn't right. He, Ingo, did not smile. That was Emmet's job.
Yes, if he could look carefully enough, black would give away into white and the harsh stare of his face would smooth into a lovely, wide grin. His twin- his beloved other half.
Who cared if no one came around? Who needed such useless people, anyways? Emmet was all Ingo ever needed. And Ingo was all Emmet ever wanted.
The traitorous part of him begs and cries out for him to lift the veil and see reality. He shouldn't be alone- so why is he? There was nothing left here, no one else to be with, so why was he still here, in Gear Station, lying on the tracks like h
:iconkayote:Kayote 17 10
Oath by Kayote Oath :iconkayote:Kayote 1 0 Saleos of Sloth by Kayote Saleos of Sloth :iconkayote:Kayote 0 0 Lucifer of Pride by Kayote Lucifer of Pride :iconkayote:Kayote 1 4 VS Subway Boss Ingo by Kayote VS Subway Boss Ingo :iconkayote:Kayote 87 8 Paint: Nobori by Kayote Paint: Nobori :iconkayote:Kayote 52 5


Cuphead Shimeji! by Chloe24603 Cuphead Shimeji! :iconchloe24603:Chloe24603 7 0 FREE DOWNLOAD ISHIMARU-SHIMEJI by Leaf-subway FREE DOWNLOAD ISHIMARU-SHIMEJI :iconleaf-subway:Leaf-subway 376 65 Kirby Shimeji by TornadoTasmanian Kirby Shimeji :icontornadotasmanian:TornadoTasmanian 378 61 Marx Invaded My Desktop by Candy-Swirl Marx Invaded My Desktop :iconcandy-swirl:Candy-Swirl 25 67 Lapislazuli Shimeji Download!! (Finally) by oskilll Lapislazuli Shimeji Download!! (Finally) :iconoskilll:oskilll 44 12 TLOZ: Breath Of The Wild by EternaLegend TLOZ: Breath Of The Wild :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 3,429 165 Momiji Inubashiri Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon Momiji Inubashiri Shimeji +FREE+ :iconcachomon:Cachomon 37 11 harleen by nebezial harleen :iconnebezial:nebezial 13,500 1,626 Aqua Leader Archie by jaeon009 Aqua Leader Archie :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 448 14 Magma Leader Maxie by jaeon009 Magma Leader Maxie :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 428 31
Commission Journal 2017
---temporarily closed--
Need clear current batch first, thanks!
Payment method:
Overseas: Paypal
Local Within Malaysia: Bank in/Transfer 
Posting traditional pieces cost around RM7-16 for Malaysia,
Nett 8USD for overseas, 7SGD for Singapore. 
Malaysia uses Post Laju, arrive within 1 day-1 week,
Singapore uses airmail with tracking number, takes maximum of 2 weeks,
Overseas uses airmail with tracking number too, takes 2-4 weeks. 
ALL shipping comes with TRACKING NUMBER.
ONE character=80-200USD, depending on how complicated it is, have background or no background, number of accessories and amendments etc
:icondarkn2ght:darkn2ght 24 7
Sans by TratserEnoyreve Sans :icontratserenoyreve:TratserEnoyreve 102 9 Nobori by denim2 Nobori :icondenim2:denim2 375 13 Day 121 - Shibirudon | Eelektross, Kudari | Emmet by AutobotTesla Day 121 - Shibirudon | Eelektross, Kudari | Emmet :iconautobottesla:AutobotTesla 17 0 +Tumblr Face angle Sketch Practice+ by goku-no-baka +Tumblr Face angle Sketch Practice+ :icongoku-no-baka:goku-no-baka 3,731 123 Let it go by peo9411 Let it go :iconpeo9411:peo9411 103 8


Shimeji for Android
Get the Shimeji app here

Hey guys,

So... after eyeballing a few of the live-wallpaper type Shimejis in the Play Store, I decided Shimeji deserves better than that. After all, the point is to have a random mascot on screen wherever you go, right? This is exactly that. The app is free with in-app purchases. In app purchases include unlocking more slots for users to save more Shimeji and run a different variety of Shimeji on their screen at once. Otherwise, you get one free slot to download/import/customize whatever Shimeji you want. I might up this number later.

1. I find one of the best things about Shimeji is the plug and play aspect. You insert the shime#.png frames into the right directory, and run. This app is meant to be in the same spirit. It's an engine that lets you import your own Shimeji img directory and runs it.
2. Alternatively, if you're lazy, there's a download page to some Shimeji whose artists I have permission from to provide. There are also links to their Shimeji pages and credits.
3. Importing and downloading does its best with arranging where frames go, but if you ever feel like altering frame order or adding and deleting frames, you can edit all action states. Be warned though- if you are missing crucial frames, they'll be replaced by the app's resident mascot Lancrab.
4. Screen real estate isn't as large as it is on a computer monitor, and during development and testing, I found Shimeji do not hesitate to fling themselves into your fingers as you try to type, scroll, etc. Yeah. They really don't hesitate to defy their creator. So I included a few features under Settings that let your touches pass through the Shimeji so you can get on with your normal business. That means no more interacting with the Shimeji though, and it'll just run around on its own. Alternatively, there's a ceiling mode that when enabled, makes all of your active Shimeji prioritize getting to the top of your phone and staying put. If you don't have pass-through mode on, you can still play with them, throw them around a bit, and they'll make their way back up eventually, but hopefully, out of the way.

There are a few things I decided to remove, behavior wise, for the Android app.
1. Shimeji do not multiply. For now. Sorry. I just don't know how wise it is to have them multiplying on a tiny screen. If there's a popular demand to have this feature implemented, I can probably throw it in as a settings-controlled feature so you can turn it on and off.
2. Speaking of screen sizes, only 5 Shimeji can be active on the screen at any time. Like multiplication, if people want there to be more, or a setting to let you change the max number available, I could probably release this feature as long as they all continue running smoothly.
3. Shimeji can't randomly close/minimize apps. I get they can throw windows out on the desktop version, but that's just plain unwise to do when you only ever have one app screen going on at a time, right...?
4. I know. It'd be awesome if they could interact with layout UI elements going on beneath them, like chill on a text view or button, or hang off of app icons. But in order to get them to appear over every other app, they had to be overlays that don't have any interaction ability or knowledge of what's going on beneath them. That'd be kind of dangerous for security reasons, I think.
5. Right now the app's import feature utilizes around... 22 image frames that I deemed crucial to have to animate all of the necessary states (Walk, Jump, Climb, Drop, etc...). Most of the missing ones are the for fun frames, which go under the Idle state. I'll go back soon and expand on importing more frames to flesh out the Idle animations.

This app is a work in progress, and I'm quite excited to continue adding additional features to it. If you have any bug report/crash issues/Shimeji art submission, please contact me at


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Struggle is the flavor of life.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
So... to be truthful, I'm usually too lazy to get off my butt and scan/photograph my pictures to put up on dA. Except I got an awesome new phone recently to make my life and job easier.

So... I'm not really an active artist. I art when I'm inspired and pretty much just consider myself a hobbyist in art (although I would eagerly work it into my future somehow if I could). In other words, I don't really update regularly, and I do love experimenting and dabbling in a wide range of mediums (not necessarily good at all or any of them OTL)

But, I'm really honored for any favorites and the likes, especially since I have so much more to improve on (and it's improving rather slowly too >.>)


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Hi,thank you for fav my Nobori pic,

You have a nice skill on drawing Keep it up \(//∇//)\
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i like ur Nobori arts
GaomonXX Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
me too im a subway boss fan! :D
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CorruptJelly Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Aaaaaand I'm watching you too. OTL I'm not going to be much help in reading your fanfics, since I'm more interested in *cough* smut *cough* x-rated *cough* things when it comes to fanfic. Buuuuuut you'll always get a fast reply to any art ;D
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Your avatar......

Is sexy.
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