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He isn’t sure where he is. How he got here. Or why he’s here- except maybe the echo of one word rattling around somewhere in his skull. Purify.
The world is a strange, unfriendly white, paved with yellow. He’s confused, disoriented, but in a sense, relieved. This is much better than his room still- probably now painted red. Such a messy weapon, he thinks, as he turns the bat over and over in his hands, rolling it from right to left.
Drip… drip…
This world, save for the lapping of the water against the walkway, is completely silent. Not even the slightest whisper of the wind. He couldn’t help but feel a strange bubble of resentment well up in him.
Is he dead? He should be. He sees no reason why he would have been spared. But instead he is here, standing alone on a yellow path, surrounded by a milky white sea, in a body that doesn’t seem to be his own. It’s taller. The hands are bigger. He doesn
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Kingdom Hearts Custom Figure Aqua :iconkayote:Kayote 11 1 Thank You For Riding the Battle Subway :iconkayote:Kayote 38 4
The Other Side
The Other Side
Sequel to The Other
He is the lonely boy that sleeps quietly beneath the slab of marble, without a name. He can't remember anything, except the sound of beeping, the sting of a needle in his arm tying him to life-nourishing fluids, the rustle of doctors and Pokemon around the bed, and the warmth clutched in his hand.
All he knows is himself, that he is currently 10 years old, has gray-eyes and messy gray hair and strange little arrow-like sideburns that creep up the side of his face.
And- he's cold. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that he was completely naked. He wasn't sure where he was, except it was dark and quiet and there was nothing but the faint outline of a velvet ceiling just inches away from his nose. The strange sensations he felt eight years ago seem so far away, and by now, he has forgotten the voices of the doctors and the concerned chirping and humming of the large pink and cream colored Pokemon lumbering around his bedside
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The Underground Boss :iconkayote:Kayote 151 13
The Other
The Other
Two is the minimum necessary to create a world. Maybe, if he pretended enough, everything would be all right.
If he thinks back to his earliest memory, he can feel the very real warmth that wraps around his hand, squeezing it tightly, promising to never let go. If he opens his eyes, he can see his reflection smiling at him.
Smiling- no, that wasn't right. He, Ingo, did not smile. That was Emmet's job.
Yes, if he could look carefully enough, black would give away into white and the harsh stare of his face would smooth into a lovely, wide grin. His twin- his beloved other half.
Who cared if no one came around? Who needed such useless people, anyways? Emmet was all Ingo ever needed. And Ingo was all Emmet ever wanted.
The traitorous part of him begs and cries out for him to lift the veil and see reality. He shouldn't be alone- so why is he? There was nothing left here, no one else to be with, so why was he still here, in Gear Station, lying on the tracks like h
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Oath :iconkayote:Kayote 2 0 Saleos of Sloth :iconkayote:Kayote 0 0 Lucifer of Pride :iconkayote:Kayote 1 4 VS Subway Boss Ingo :iconkayote:Kayote 87 8 Paint: Nobori :iconkayote:Kayote 54 5 Nobori :iconkayote:Kayote 8 0



An Inkling who defies her peer’s choices in favored modern-day weapons. Her ferocity and brutality in battle (as well as her incredible usage of one of their traditional weapons) has ironically won her the grudging respect of the Octolings who clash with her and the anxiety and discomfort from her own Inkling allies.

Vie can come off as rather rude or blunt, and often times cares little for the Turf Wars between the Octarians and the Inklings, instead seeing it as an opportunity to hone her blade skills and turn them against their originators. Many of her companions have jokingly theorized that Vie’s family tree must have at some point intermixed with an Octoling or maybe three, considering how much more early activity Vie partakes in, jogging, swimming, sword forms, all in a single morning in contrast to the usual easy-going nature of Inklings.

Vie denies everything.

She’s highly efficient and hates slacking off- which puts her at odds with the majority of her race on an average day. Doesn’t really comprehend what good actual relaxation is good for- instead she finds her comfort in practicing her art as usual. Most of the time if she’s not busy challenging and provoking Octolings into a good fight, she’ll be at her dojo-home. Her dojo itself gets few students, and most are driven away by Vie’s over enthusiastic demonstrations with the blade.

The Inkatana, Vie’s main weapon, is a traditional Octoling close to mid ranged weapon whose length is adjustable depending on the amount of ink being channeled through its hilt. While not in use, it is a simple hilt and crossguard kept strapped to Vie’s side at all times. When ‘ignited’, the ‘blade’ can either be forcibly ejected from the crossguard, which costs Vie more ink use than desired in exchange for unrivaled speed in which she can retaliate, or alternatively if the crossguard section is swiped through ink in any way, it can form the blade from any ink that was exposed to it. This latter method produces a more brittle blade initially, and is slower to form, but conserves Vie’s initial ink output.

The nature of the Inkatana is that of precise movements and ink usage to sever paths to wall off opponents from escaping.  

It was only ever produced and used by Octoling and Octarian forces. When questioned on the origin of her weapon, Vie often dismisses it as a family heirloom.



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Struggle is the flavor of life.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
So... to be truthful, I'm usually too lazy to get off my butt and scan/photograph my pictures to put up on dA. Except I got an awesome new phone recently to make my life and job easier.

So... I'm not really an active artist. I art when I'm inspired and pretty much just consider myself a hobbyist in art (although I would eagerly work it into my future somehow if I could). In other words, I don't really update regularly, and I do love experimenting and dabbling in a wide range of mediums (not necessarily good at all or any of them OTL)

But, I'm really honored for any favorites and the likes, especially since I have so much more to improve on (and it's improving rather slowly too >.>)


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Hi,thank you for fav my Nobori pic,

You have a nice skill on drawing Keep it up \(//∇//)\
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i like ur Nobori arts
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Aaaaaand I'm watching you too. OTL I'm not going to be much help in reading your fanfics, since I'm more interested in *cough* smut *cough* x-rated *cough* things when it comes to fanfic. Buuuuuut you'll always get a fast reply to any art ;D
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Your avatar......

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